Some tips to help you master slots

Almost every casino Bonus138 enthusiast loves to play slots, and it’s not just because slot machines are the most exciting and fun game on the casino floor or online.

Considering that there are more types of slots than any other game, if you’re interested in improving your odds, it will take some commitment, time, and practice. While slots are a chance-based game, there are several methods which can help you to play longer and better. Luckily, we’ve compiled this list of easy tips that you can follow to help you learn, enjoy, and improve your chances at slots.

Choose your game

With too many online casinos in service, each offering a variety of uniquely themed slot games, newcomers will quickly get spoiled for choice even before they start playing. However, you should take time to figure out what’s on offer and check out a few games before you settle for one that best fits your style. Understand that what makes slot games different is not only the style but the rules of the game as well.

Slow down

Another thing you have full control of when you play slots is how quick you play. And the slower you play, the fewer risks you take, which implies you can play longer. Slot machines are designed to place you in a trance-like state so that you can go on playing. You’ve got to make a deliberate attempt to play slower, or you’re going to slip into a trance.

Understand the handling of bankroll

You need to know how to handle your gaming assets, called a bankroll, to become a successful slot player. Bankroll management is a way to handle your finances effectively by calculating how much a game session will cost you and keeping at the top of the amount you pay to prevent wasteful spending.

Understand the rules before you play

Slot machines now are very different from what they were earlier. You will be playing the same way, except there are far more reels and paylines. There are a lot of newer systems, with unique games and rounds. That’s why it’s crucial to learn the rules for each slot machine before you play.

Start a small, practice a lot

Once you select a slot game to play, please take advantage of the bonuses and free spins to practise the game and get acquainted with it. As a novice, you can avoid slot games that advertise big rewards in blinking colours because they typically pay less and can intimidate you. If you need to play with real money, it would be best to start small, make minimum bets within your budget, and watch how the game progresses.

Beware of bonus games

Many slot machines offer bonus games or games in the main slots game. You unlock special spins or plays where you’ve got a chance to win big.

The concern is that all these sorts of stuff are built to make you play longer and invest more. It’s all right to play these games, but you should stop playing them longer than you intended only to chase a bonus win.

Know when to exit

Slots are so fun when you play with money that you can afford to lose. Since there is no assurance that you will succeed for any gaming session, proper decision-making will help you avoid wasting resources that you can’t afford to lose. It’s natural to lose a game or two in a row, but when you realize that you’ve been losing money regularly for a while, it might be time to quit for the day.


Learning how to become a master slot player is more about what you play and what you can do than about how you play. But this doesn’t mean you can’t boost your experience and performance.

Casinos have odds stacked against you as a slot player, but when you manage what you can and play the right kinds of games, like progressive ones, you have a hope of winning.

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